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Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot has changed since I first started this blog. Including who I probably am as a person.

* For a start, my name is still Tara. However, I’m no longer Tara Knight. On March 28th 2016 I got married and now I’m Tara Daniels.

* I’m no longer 20. I’m now 22 and this will be something that changes every year (obviously).

* I’m still a Christian. That will be something that will never change. God plays a huge role in my life – He has been provider, counsellor and most importantlyย a friend.

* I am no longer studying Geography at Aberystwyth University. I graduated July 2015 with a 2:1. I am going to be doing my PGDipEd at the University of Birmingham (starting September 2016) so that I can become a Geography teacher.

* I no longer live with my parents. I live with my loving husband who puts up with so much (all my grumps and moods). I still live in the Midlands but it’s now a different part. We’re based near to Wolverhampton. We have no pets currently (so I’m missing my parents’ adorable cat and dog).

* I still love travelling and want to visit lots of different places. Hopefully, this will happen.

* Reading is still aย huge part of my life. My books have moved house with me and now it’s just a matter of finding space for them all.

* I still aim to blog regularly. I say this all the time but then I feel like my life is too boring for me to write about. So, we’ll see how frequent the blog posts actually come.




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