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More Welsh

So for those of you who read the previous post about my Welsh lessons, I had another one on Thursday afternoon. I’m really enjoying it, and although yesterday’s session covered a lot of things I already knew, or had an inkling about, it was still really good. Mared, our teacher, said that next week we’d be doing pronouns so hopefully that’ll mean at some point in the future I’ll be able to form sentences, rather than just rattling off set phrases.

So, some Welsh greetings and phrases for you guys to practice…

Welsh – pronunciation (attempted) – English

helo – hello – hello (a nice easy one to start off with)

croeso – croy-sor – welcome

bore da – bor-eh dah (there’s a little roll on the ‘r’) – good morning

prynhawn da – prin (rhyming with tin) houn (like hound without the ‘d) dah – good afternoon

nos da – norse dah – goodnight

And also some numbers:

un – somewhere between in and urn… it’s quite difficult to describe – one

dau – die – two

tri – tree (but roll the ‘r’) – three

pedwar – ped – war (rhyming with bar) – four

pump – pimp – five

chwech – qu-eh-ch (this is the closest I can get, the ‘ch’ is like in loch and this sound is needed at both the start and the end) – six

saith – s-eye-th (the ‘th’ as in the end of ‘tooth’) – seven

wyth – oo-with – eight

naw – now (but elongate it a bit) – nine

deg – dare-g (for this the ‘de’ is elongated making it sound more like ‘dare’ and the ‘g’ is a ‘guh’ sound – it is not dare-egg) – ten

Have fun practicing everyone! 🙂


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