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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 1

Day 1: Book series you wish had gone on longer

For this, I’ll have to say the Harry Potter series. I grew up with them as a child, and I can remember when the last one came out. My mum had bought three copies of Deathly Hallows so that she, my brother, and myself wouldn’t argue over who got to read it first (I still think that in previous years it should have been me as I read the quickest).

I’m not sure quite when I began reading them, I doubt it would have been when The Philosopher’s Stone first came out in 1998 as I would have been 4. I may have always enjoyed reading, but even I don’t think I’d have read it then. Having grown up with Harry Potter and the magical world of Hogwarts, (yes, I fully expected to get my letter at the age of 11 – I was seriously disappointed when I didn’t), it has just always been there for me and now that I’ve read all the books and there aren’t any more, it feels strange. I’d always been waiting for the next one to come out, and I often wish that J.K. Rowling would write books about the next generation. Or even, the previous generation so we can find out more about the Marauders, Snape and Lily.

The films just aren’t the same, although I am looking forward to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. To be honest, I take whatever the Harry Potter world throws at me. The characters within the series I really felt I got to know, and when the series ended, I knew that even re-reading the books (something I have done several times) wouldn’t be the same and it isn’t. It is quite interesting to see how some plot lines are developed from the very first book though even if you never initially realised it.

However, despite wishing this series would never end (I would honestly love more about this world), it’d be strange as I no longer have my younger brother Kieran to discuss things with (and argue over whether Harry would be better suited to Luna… No way in my opinion!) Knowing that I can’t discuss the books or films with him anymore is still strange, and no one has managed to fill that place – where I can send him a text with Peeve’s song (if it can be called that), from the seventh book on the 2nd May, and he’d get why I’d done it.

So yeah, the Harry Potter series. Why did it have to end? 😦


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