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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 2

Day Two: Favourite Side Character


This is genuinely a challenge. I’ve read so many books over the years and it’s difficult to recall every single character I’ve liked and why I liked them. I don’t know if I have an overall favourite character, so trying to think of my favourite side character is quite hard!

I don’t know if the character I’ve chosen is my favourite, but I think she definitely portrays qualities that a genuine friend would have.

Tina Hakim-Baba fromΒ The Princess Diaries series.

Although Tina is left out from the film adaptations of these books, I think that she is a great character, and I was a bit disappointed when I realised that she wasn’t (then again, the film has been changed from the first book anyway, so I suppose that was a bigger change than missing out Tina!)

Tina is such a great friend to Mia. Although prior to Mia finding out she is a princess, they’d never really spoken (in fact,Mia thinks Tina is strange because she has to have a bodyguard); when they become friends, they are proper friends. Not these fickle ones that you often find in real life. Tina is the sort of friend you’d love to have – she tells you her opinion of things, she keeps your secrets, and she’s always there for you. If I’d had a friend like this all throughout secondary school, then I’d feel blessed. Tina and Mia just clicked and although Lilly was still Mia’s best friend (when they were friends), Tina was the friend who was supportive, and stuck by Mia in all of her decisions and mistakes. She didn’t just run in the opposite direction at the first chance.

Tina was also one of those characters that is optimistic and bubbly. Okay, so maybe she was a bit of a hopeless romantic (what’s wrong with that though?), but she’d always look on the bright side of life. I suppose the advantage Tina had is that as she was a character in a book, her thoughts and opinions on Mia’s love life usually turned out to be right, so that there was the happy ending all of us readers hoped for. (We all hoped for Mia and Michael, right? I know I definitely did!)

So Tina – the kind, sweet girl who was always there for Mia. Overlooked by film producers who focused on Mia’s relationship with Lilly and Lana; but the friend who was continuously supportive of whatever Mia did. Even if she didn’t agree.


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