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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 3

Day Three: The longest book you’ve read

959 pages of Victor Hugo’s work. Basically, Les Miserables.

I only decided to read this book because there was a film coming out. Being at university in Aberystwyth means that we often don’t get the film on its release date but a few weeks later as we only have a one-screen cinema. As soon as I knew it was coming out, I was determined to have read the book before I went to see it. I think it’s because I often find that films ruin the books, and if I see the film first, I often won’t read the book because I know the plot. So, the Christmas of 2012, I began to read it.

Although I prefer books in their paper form, I do have a kindle, and when it came to Les Mis I was glad about this. Reading it on Kindle meant I didn’t really get a picture of how long it was. So I kept going.

A lot of the time, I found it really difficult to read, and I’d question why Victor Hugo had included stuff in it that I thought was irrelevant… I mean, did I actually want to know how the Battle of Waterloo went down, or a detailed description and history of the Parisian sewers? I persevered though, and I did complete it. Prior to going to see the film too. And I’m glad that I did. The film misses out parts that the book mentions, and although I’m not sure I’ll read it again for a long time, it’s an accomplishment I’m proud of. I don’t often read classics (I mean, I still haven’t read Pride & Prejudice and everyone seems to read that), so beginning and finishing Les Mis is something I can at least say I’ve done.

Other than Les Miserables, I haven’t read that many long books apart from books that are part of theย A Song of Ice and Fire series (basically, Game of Thrones). I tend to stick to books that aren’t usually longer than 400 pages and they are often quite easy reads but I’d like to expand my reading choices to books that maybe I don’t find an easy read.


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