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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 6

Day Six: Book you’ve read the most number of times.

I don’t know exactly which book I’ve read the most times. I haven’t documented it. It’ll probably be one of the books I read whilst growing up, as I’ve had the opportunity to read those more (clearly it’s not going to be a book I only read for the first time last week).

It’s probably a book that is within a series. When a new book in a series was about to come out, I tended to re-read the books prior to it in order to refresh my memory. That being said that means the book I’ve read the most is probably Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, The Princess Diaries, or probably one of the books from the Famous Five series that I read from an early age.

Out of these, the most recent books I’ve read are from the Famous Five series (by Enid Blyton). My dissertation at uni is looking at how geographical themes (race, gender, childhood, nationality) are portrayed within the series. It basically means a lot of reading and re-reading of certain books within the series. So within the past year, the books I have read the most are from the Famous Five series. Currently, it feels like I’ve read Five Go Off In A Caravan the most out of this series, but that’s only because that’s one of the books I’m analysing and I can remember the story-line really well.

So we’ll say go with the Famous Five series, just so I have an answer for today’s post.


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