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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 10

Day Ten: A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving.

Usually, I tend to stick to books I know I’m going to like, and I don’t really broaden my horizons to different genres. This is a flaw of mine when it comes to reading, as I’m sure there are lots of really great books out there that I’ll never read, simply because they don’t fit in to the styles that I usually go for.

I think one book I didn’t really want to read was one my dad lent me – I wasn’t sure I’d like it, and it was very different to ones I’d read before. Although the book didn’t evoke the same feelings that Harry Potter does, or other books that I like; I didn’t hate it. It was called A Falcon Flies by Wilbur Smith. My dad seems to own like all of his books, and I’ve never particularly thought to read them. A Falcon Flies is set in Africa, and it’s do to with the exploration that the British Empire did in order to colonise it. There’s a bit about the slave trade too, and a hint of romance. It appeals to both the geographer in me, and the hopeless romantic.

I read the book a long time ago now, and I can’t remember a lot about the book as to whether I should recommend it or not. What I will say is though; give all books a chance. You may not think you’ll like particular ones but you never know; they might just surprise you!

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