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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 13

Day Thirteen: A book that disappointed you


Breaking Dawn. Now, I personally think that none of the Twilight Saga were that brilliant, but when I read Breaking Dawn for the first time, it was during my ‘I LOVE TWILIGHT’ phase. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, and I was disappointed with the final installment.

The first three books focused on the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob. The final book however, was a step up from this. Bella had chosen to marry Edward and because of that, she was going to become a vampire.

But then the not so unexpected happened. She became pregnant. It was kind of obvious. Rosalie hated Bella for still being human and wanting to give all those possibilities away (growing old, having children); so of course, Bella became pregnant. That way, she wasn’t losing every single opportunity.

Rosalie suddenly supported Bella throughout everything, despite hating her previously, and then Jacob – well, it turns out that maybe he didn’t love Bella like he thought he did, because he imprinted on her daughter. (Imprinting is like falling in love, but a serious thing for Werewolves, because they don’t fall back out of it. Also, Bella’s daughter had the stupid name of Renesmee, which I suppose was thoughtful in the sense that it combined the two grandmothers’ names but still, couldn’t she have gone for a simple name like Hannah?)

Then the evil Italian Vampire Mafia (known as the Volturi) find out about this half human, half vampire child and they aren’t happy (admittedly, they think it’s a complete vampire child which will just thirst for blood and never be trained but they still plan on attacking the Cullen coven).

There’s this huge lead up to a fight, with both sides getting supporters and then BOOM! No fight. I mean, as a teenager, I was hoping there’d be a fight. I suppose maybe Stephenie Meyer wanted a happy ending with everyone alive (well, to whatever extent vampires can be alive) but it was a serious disappointment. What was the point? At least in the film version they put a fight scene in as a possible outcome just to give it a bit of action.

As you can tell, I’ve seriously gone off the Twilight series since I was 14. I made sure I watched all the films still, just to see how they compared, but looking back it’s just embarrassing how much I loved Twilight. I had posters up in my room and everything. I still get over-excited about some books, and I still love the Harry Potter series, but I don’t obsess over books anymore, or plan to marry fictional characters. Maybe that can be a blog post at some point; Fictional Characters That I Had A Crush On. There’s probably quite a few.


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