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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 15

Day Fifteen: A character who you can relate to the most

I’m not entirely sure. As a teenager I felt I could relate to Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries. Okay, so I wasn’t a princess, and I wasn’t American but she seemed to have hair that was difficult to control (story of my life!), and she was skinny and tall. She seemed very similar to me.

Now though, I don’t think I associate with her that much. Probably because her story ends when she’s 18, and now as a 20-year old I think that the things I worried about when I was a teenager were so trivial.

Sometimes I like to think I can relate to Hermione Granger. During secondary school, I was one of the clever ones (not to sound big-headed or anything) and I liked reading. I don’t know if would have been brave like she was though (plus, I don’t go to Hogwarts).

I think different aspects of my life relate to different characters. Then again, some characters have no similarities to me whatsoever. I can relate to the varying emotions portrayed by characters. I’ve experience grief, hurt, joy, love, frustration, worry. And so do characters. I don’t think any one person can relate to any one character. We all have lived through different experiences that define us, and unless we have an autobiography/biography/book that was based on our lives; it’s unlikely that we’d have only one character that we can relate to.


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