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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 16

Day Sixteen: Most thought provoking book

I don’t read many books that make me think. I’m sure if I did English Literature every book would be thought provoking because I’d be analysing every sentence. I can remember Lord of the Flies, Enduring Love and The Great Gatsby being like that. But of books where I was deliberately having to analyse them, it’s quite difficult. I like to read books that will only take me a couple of days at most to read because they’re easy and they don’t  my brain to hurt.

However, I think that The Chronicles of Narnia are probably some of the most thought provoking books out there. So what if they’re considered children’s books? I’ll admit I read them as a child and that’s all they were to me. Really great stories, that I knew were based on the Christian faith.

Now that I’m older, I love The Last Battle. It’s such a powerful book and I’d recommend reading it whether you’re a Christian or not. If you’re not a Christian, read all of them and see the truth behind them that resonates in our own world. If you are a Christian, then read them and see how they relate to the Bible and how much truth is within them.The books are thought provoking in so many ways, not just in the more obvious ones – such as the link between creation and The Magician’s Nephew, or Good Friday and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

When studying the gospel of John last year with my friend Bethan, when we got to the bit about John and Peter running to the tomb, I felt like their characteristics were reflected within the children. Peter had to go in to the tomb and see it empty for him to believe, being more practical and I felt he was very similar to Peter in Narnia. John, however, got to the tomb and didn’t need to go in. He had so much faith and that’s like Lucy. She had faith in Aslan, and I think this is represented in Prince Caspian when Lucy sees Aslan but the others don’t.

I’m constantly finding new things and meanings within these books, and they really do get me thinking about God and all that I believe in (in a good way!)


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