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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 19

Day Nineteen: A favourite author

I’m so glad that there is that little word in front of favourite. It makes it slightly easier to narrow it down, as I don’t think I have a number one favourite author. I just read a lot of different ones, and I think it often varies depending on what books I’ve recently been reading.

As a teenager, my favourite author was Meg Cabot. That’s probably been fairly obvious based on previous posts – a lot of them have had some mention of at least one of her books. I suppose as a teenager I felt like I could relate (somewhat) to what was happening in these books (the whole fancying boys thing – although, I was never a princess or in love with a ghost).

Nowadays, it tends to vary. I think one of my favourite authors is Kate Morton. I’ve mentioned her before too (see this blog post here). I really enjoy her books, and they’re a decent length too, so they’re not over really quickly.

Currently, I’m really enjoying reading books by Liane Moriarty. I’ve only read The Last Anniversary and The Husband’s Secret but they’re very similar to Kate Morton books – in the sense that you piece parts of the story together as you go along in order to get the overall picture by the end. I really want to get some more of her books, and I’d recommend them to anyone who hasn’t yet read them. They’re not any particular genre – they have a bit of mystery-solving in (not to the same extent as Agatha Christie’s books or Sherlock Holmes), as well as some romance, humour.

I like so many different authors though, and each book I read has something different to offer to my life. Even the awful ones. I don’t discount an author based upon one book though. I had to read Enduring Love for school once (by Ian McEwan) and I hated it. But I really enjoyed reading Atonement. Sometimes I think these are the better authors. They’re able to write books that vary significantly, and appeal to a variety of people – rather than just sticking to a similar genre or theme.

Just read whatever books you think you might enjoy. And don’t base it on the author. Sometimes there might be books out there that you might even consider, but they could end up being one of the best books you’ve ever read 🙂


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