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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 22

Day Twenty-Two: Least favourite plot device employed by way too many books you’ve actually enjoyed otherwise

Um, I’m not sure if this is a plot device (in all honesty, I’m not really sure what a plot device is… pathetic fallacy? That ironic thing?) but it’s begun to annoy me.

Vampire romances. Now, I love young adult (YA) books. And if there’s romance in it, then even better. I’m pretty sure the majority of books I read as a teenager involved some form of romance. I’ve even enjoyed the vampire ones. Or at least most of them. I think it’s just a bit overplayed now though. Why can’t YA books be about normal(ish) girls who fall for normal (at least human) boys? If there were books like that, I’d definitely read them.

The whole dystopian future thing is a bit played out too. I just want nice happy books, but everything seems to be about drama these days. Are kids growing up too fast? How many children actually read the Famous Five books anymore? I’m slightly concerned as to how old I’m sounding.

I understand that there has to be some twist, or something that makes a character stand out (otherwise, I doubt many people would read the book – most people read to escape the mundane reality of our everyday lives (my lecturers would be pleased with my usage of those words)) but I don’t get why things have to be so complicated. Why not set more books in the past? I like those sort of books. I read a book called Timeless Love and that was about a modern girl who found herself in Tudor times. I really liked that one. It was based upon a somewhat historical representation of the 1500s (admittedly, she did save Edward VI’s life and that kind of messed up the timeline), but it was about a normal teenage girl. No brutal killing games. No sparkly vampires.

So yeah, I still enjoy the books I’ve whinged about. But none of those books have been my favourite or ever been in my top 10. Just saying.


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