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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 23

Day Twenty-Three: Best book you’ve read in the last 12 months

This is difficult. I’ve read a lot of books in the last 12 months, and I can’t really remember which ones were this year, or which ones were last year. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the books I’ve read, and I know that Liane Moriarty’s The Last Anniversary and The Husband’s Secret are definitely on my top 10. In 2015 I might try and review the books I’ve read, or at least keep a list so that if I ever do a similar blog post, I’ll be able to answer it more easily.

I’m not sure really what the best book is though. I really liked Take A Look At Me Now by Miranda Dickinson. The protagonist is fairly similar to me, she likes to have her life planned out and if something doesn’t go to plan – well, she’s not happy about it. However, her 5-year plan changes because she’s made redundant and it’s encouraging to see (even if it is only in a book!) that you don’t have to let changes get you down. You’re still able to accomplish things; possibly those you’ve only ever dreamed of!

Maybe one day I can be like Nell – that if my life doesn’t go according to plan, I won’t just sit about and wallow, or stress about the future; instead, I’ll get up and follow a different route, making something of myself in a way that makes me happy 🙂


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