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30 Day Book Challenge // Day 25

Day Twenty-Five: The most surprising plot twist or ending

I think for me, I was quite surprised by the ending of Atonement by Ian McEwan. I haven’t read it for a few years, but I’m pretty sure I’m right in remembering the ending (if I’m not, I’m really sorry… tell me in the comments, and I’ll reread the book sooner rather than later).


Atonement is a book that is set in three parts; the first part occurs in 1935, the second is during the Second World War, and the third is present-day England.

Bryony Tallis makes a mistake that ruins the lives of her older sister, Cecilia, and Robbie Turner – something that she tries to atone for, for the rest of her life.

From what I remember of the ending, a lot of the book that we read, is not actually reality. Bryony is a novelist, and the prior sections that we, as readers, have just engaged with turn out to be part of Bryony’s novel. Although some aspects of it are true, others aren’t.

When reading this, I found that this was a surprising plot twist. I like happy endings, and this was somewhat remorseful. I hadn’t expected it at all, and so I think that I did find this ending surprising. It didn’t take away any thing from the book though, in a way, I think it added to it. Happy endings are great, but sometimes, reality isn’t like that – by writing an ending that wasn’t what we expected, adds to he reality, especially of a book that is set in real-life historical events, such as WWII.


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