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[Delayed] 30 Day Book Challenge // Day 28

Day Twenty-Eight: Favourite quote from a book

Sorry that this has been delayed! It’s that time of year again when I’m busy busy busy! I’ve had Carol services, Christmas concerts and deadlines suddenly spring out of nowhere (well, not really but I suddenly seem to have a lot to do!)

So, I’ll do Day 28 today, and then hopefully Day 29 tomorrow and then Day 30! And then my challenge will be done! I’m quite pleased that I managed to blog consistently for 27 days though, although it’s a shame I didn’t quite make the full 30.

I like a lot of quotes from books. A lot of them aren’t deep or profound, they just tend to make me smile (or even laugh out loud – although that is very rare!)

But I think this has to be my favourite:

“Things never happen the same way twice.”

C.S.Lewis, Prince Caspian

It just speaks so much to me. As a Christian, I sometimes expect God to answer my prayers just like that, and this shows that things won’t happen the same again and again. God will answer my prayers, but it won’t necessarily be in the way which I expect, and he won’t answer each prayer in the same way.

Plus, I love the Narnia series. And C.S. Lewis says some pretty amazing things that give so much insight to Christianity.


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