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[Delayed] 30 Day Book Challenge // Day 29

Day Twenty-Nine: A book you hated

I don’t really like using the word ‘hated’ but I definitely thoroughly disliked Enduring Love by Ian McEwan. I don’t know whether part of it was because I had to read it for AS level English Literature – it could be very likely, but I didn’t enjoy the perspective in which it was written.

It’s not that I don’t like Ian McEwan as an author. I’ve read Atonement and I really liked that book. I think it was just that I often find reading from a male perspective difficult anyway (after all, men really don’t think like women do), but the way Joe’s mind works is completely different to mine.

There’s a bit at the start when there is a hot air balloon crash and instead of describing the way he ran towards it descriptively, he did it analytically, mentioning the angle at which he was running in relation to the hedge (or something like that).

I wouldn’t say I hated the book completely, I think that the story was fairly interesting and if it had been told in a different way, then I probably would have liked the book. As it stands, I don’t. Maybe I’ll attempt to read it again one day, but it currently isn’t on the list to be read any time soon.


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