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Harry Potter Studio Tour

Yesterday evening, I finally went on to the Warner Bros. Studios where some of Harry Potter was filmed!

I’ve always wanted to go, and I managed to persuade Mum to book tickets for us whilst it was the Christmas season and Hogwarts was ‘in the snow’.

Part of the reason for going is because I am a huge Harry Potter fan but another part is because so was Kieran. He would have been begging Mum to take us too, and so we went because it was something he’d have loved to do – especially whilst it was all orientated towards Christmas.

20141216_210020I really really enjoyed it! As an adult (kind of!) I felt that I was able to appreciate learning about the props and how the film was made much more than I would have done if I was 14 or even younger. There were several children there and a lot of them didn’t really get the point of the tour, they just ran around finding the more interesting items.

20141216_192015As we went on an evening tour, it meant that towards the end there weren’t that many people around and so it was much quieter and easier to see all of the different things. The queue for refreshments wasn’t long either (there wasn’t one at all!) so it was easy to purchase and try some butterbeer! It was really yummy, although it was cold outside and having a cold drink wasn’t the best idea!

In some ways, the tour wasn’t what I was expecting. I’d never anticipated (despite seeing photographs) that Privet Drive would be outside and that Number Four was merely a set. It looks so realistic, I think I’d always imagined the filming to have taken place outside a real house!

20141216_202923I’d love to go again one day, when Hogwarts isn’t covered in snow and maybe get to finish the audio tour. Mum had booked one for both of us, but when we got to about half way, we realised we were a bit pushed for time and we had to skip a lot of the audio (and as Tom Felton was speaking, I feel like I have to listen to it again!)


We had the obligatory pictures taken with the greenscreen, so Mum had fun flying the car and I would definitely love to be a Quidditch player! (Although, as I can’t act, I don’t think I’d be very good at matching my facial expressions to what was happening in the story! I just wanted to smile the whole time! – I also felt a bit of a traitor as they put me in Gryffindor robes and I’m a Ravenclaw!)


Going on the tour has made me want to watch all the films again (and notice some of the things they pointed out) as well as go to Florida so I can go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m not sure Mum will randomly book tickets for that though 😦

20141216_202051The shop was amazing! I wanted to buy everything, and it was so hard choosing something to buy! I’d initially gone wanting to buy a Ravenclaw scarf but I don’t really wear scarves that often and I even contemplated betraying my house again to buy a Slytherin scarf (just so I could be like Draco Malfoy… except for the fact I’m a girl and I have brown hair not blonde, and that he would actually be like 14 years older than me). I then saw the wands and wanted to buy Draco Malfoy’s wand, despite the fact it wasn’t that pretty and as Mum pointed out to me… Tom Felton probably wouldn’t have touched it (shame!). In the end, I settled for a mug (that will be useful) which had the Maurauder’s Map on as I figured it would remind me of the generation we see in the books, as well as James, Lily, Sirius and Remus (when they were in school!)

20141216_205452For anyone who loves Harry Potter, I’d seriously recommend going if you haven’t been yet!


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