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Just to say…

As this is my first blog post of 2015 I won’t make it particularly long…


The start of every year is when people decide they’re going to change, whether it’s to lose weight or to try and be a better person. I’m not entirely sure why they have to wait until the 1st January to do this… If you want to change you should do it, not wait until a specific day (and then give up when you fail).

I used to make New Year’s resolutions and then be really annoyed at myself when I didn’t accomplish what I had aimed to do (my #1 resolution used to be to try and be nicer to my brothers… this usually lasted a morning at most). I don’t really bother anymore, I just try and achieve goals and targets that I make as I go along.

That’s what I intend to do this year. I’m now in my final few months at university and then I’ll be out into the big wide world. For now, I just want to focus on my assignments, exams and dissertation and then I’ll attempt to find time to do other things. I’ll set myself goals and targets to try and accomplish in regards to work and see how things go from there. There’s no point me trying to come up with unrealistic goals and resolutions that I’ll feel downhearted about when I don’t succeed.

So to everyone out there…  If you want to make resolutions for 2015 then that’s great, but just because you slip up occasionally doesn’t mean you should give up… just keep trying and things will get easier 🙂


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