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Top Ten Tuesday #1: Places I Want To Visit In Britain

I got the idea of doing this feature from The Broke and the Bookish, however, instead of doing just book-related posts, I’m using it as an excuse to do lists. I love lists. This will also help me to limit the items on the list to 10 because, otherwise, I might get a bit carried away. So the first Top Ten Tuesday feature is going to be places (specifically locations – so not museums or castles, or counties) that I want to visit, or revisit in Britain.

  1. Kynance Cove, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall – this place is gorgeous in the summer. My family used to often holiday on the Lizard Peninsula, and going to Kynance Cove was a regular trip. Provided the tide times are okay, it’s really beautiful in the evening, and I’d love to go back.
  2. Swansea, Wales – Despite having looked at the university, I never actually looked around Swansea itself, or the beaches. That was probably the one advantage I think Swansea had over Aberystwyth. I’d love to explore more of Wales, and visiting Swansea and The Gower is definitely on that list!
  3. Isle of Purbeck, Dorset – It’s so lovely here, but I can’t remember a lot about it. My family once visited Corfe Castle on a day trip, but I’d love to go back and explore the area a bit more. Especially after I’ll have spent a year reading the Famous Five series!
  4. Windermere, Lake District – I’ve been to the Lake District a couple of times, but I’ve never visited Lake Windermere. It’s one of the major lakes that you here about, so I’d like to see what it’s all about.
  5. Snowdonia, Wales – Despite my boyfriend being Welsh, and living in Aberystwyth (which according to Google Maps is only 2 hours away from actual Snowdon), I’ve never really been to Snowdonia. I’ve probably been driven through it, but I’d like to actually visit Snowdon itself.
  6. Bristol, Somerset – I can’t believe I’ve never actually been to Bristol. I’ve driven past this area so many times on the way down to Devon and Cornwall, but I’ve never been to the city itself.
  7. Isle of Wight – I visited here when I was 2. So I don’t have any recollections of what it’s like. It’d be lovely to go and visit again, even if I get seasick on the ferry over there.
  8. Liverpool, Merseyside – Yet another city I’ve never visited. But unlike Bristol, I haven’t really ever headed to the NW of England, so at least I have a valid reason for not visiting. I’ve heard that the docks look quite nice at night, so I’d like to have a mini city break, just to see if I agree.
  9. Edinburgh, Scotland – My family went on a day trip to here once, but all I really remember was that it was raining. I’d like to go and experience it properly (preferably when it’s not raining!)
  10. London, England – I have been to London a gazillion times! But it has been a while (like, quite a few years) since I last did all the touristy stuff there, so I’d love to go back and experience it all again as an adult (who knows, I might even appreciate the ‘art’ in the Tate Modern).

P.S. As this is Britain, unfortunately Northern Ireland couldn’t feature… I probably should have thought that one through. I’d love to go to Belfast, just so I can go to the Titanic Museum. Is that weird of me? 🙂


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