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Stress is something that the majority of us have to deal with. Sometimes, we get more stressed than others. I frequently find myself getting stressed, and despite knowing that worrying, being stressed and anxious is not healthy, I can’t help it. I just stress even more.

Currently I’m in the midst of exams. Although that does make it sound like I have a lot. This January I only have two exams, and one of those was today. So I have one left, obviously. I don’t even have any exams in May, so after next Friday, that’s one less thing to stress about.

That doesn’t mean this final semester of university will be easy though. My dissertation is in on the 27th February and I haven’t really looked at it since the draft was handed in (17th November) and a little bit whilst I was preparing my presentation (which I did on the 8th December). I know that after my final exam, I’ll have to start cracking on with again, alongside the assignments I’ll get given. Hopefully, after my dissertation is handed in, life will become a teeny weeny bit easier (in regards to university life) as I’ll just have assignments to focus on and nothing else.

I’m a bit worried that I’ll end up really stressed. I’ve done so in the past, and I really struggle to motivate myself to do work – which then just makes me more stressed because I’m not accomplishing anything. This semester I hope to manage my time better. I say this at the start of every semester, but I know how important this final one is for me. I know that not everything goes to plan (despite me attempting to plan everything down to the last detail) so this semester, I’m going to give myself reasonable deadlines that allow time for things going wrong.

I’m not going to just do work though. I think that would drive me insane! I shall go to my band rehearsals that shall get me away from my room and studying, as well as going to the Christian Union meetings on Fridays. Thankfully, I always have Sundays off from doing work, so if I ever have to miss one of the other things, I’ll at least get a break every week.

I know that it’s important to have breaks from work, and I think that giving myself time off to do things that aren’t the norm (because band is, for me) will help. Not only will I be moving into Penglais Farm (the new student accommodation that was supposed to be ready last September) in a couple of weeks, I’ll also be visiting Alex’s parents in Ruthin (with Alex, obviously). At some point (I’ll have to double check the date), Alex and I are going to the cinema to see Paddington, which will be a nice change from spending our Saturdays working in the National Library; and at the start of February, my parents are coming over to Aberystwyth to visit. It all sounds really busy, especially when you put work and lectures into the equation but I think that all of it will give me the breaks I need.

I’m trying not to worry about what the future will hold, and I’m attempting to take each day at a time (within reason – I can’t help but plan ahead!) I know that worrying about tomorrow isn’t going to help, and will probably just cause more stress! I shall just have to see what happens πŸ™‚


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