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Top Ten Tuesday #3: Ways To Relax

So, I had my last exam on Friday and I’ve been making sure I have a bit of time to relax before cracking on with my dissertation work. These methods are not necessarily things I’ve done over the weekend to relax, but they are ones I have tried and found relaxing! I don’t think they are in any particular order either, it all depends on why I need to relax!

  1. Praying – For all you non-Christians out there, you may not understand this (I don’t really know a great deal about other faiths, and whether or not you pray…) Praying is simply having a conversation with God, you can just talk to him about anything and everything, and it can make you feel peaceful. He’ll carry my burdens with me, and through God, I know that anything is possible. So, if I am worried or stressed, praying is a great way to help me relax.
  2. Sleeping – I love sleep. I frequently feel the need to have naps during the day, although that could just be because I’m tired. Nevertheless, knowing that I can sleep without having to worry about what I should be doing (revision) is such a nice feeling. And when you’re asleep, you tend to be relaxed!
  3. Reading – I know some people don’t enjoy reading. And I think if I was doing an English Literature degree, I’d feel differently about reading to relax. But as it is, I’m doing Geography. I normally read really easy books (hello The Princess Diaries yet again) but I didn’t bring any with me to university. So I’ve just spent time reading Emma.
  4. Watching films – This is something I have done. And tomorrow, Alex and I have every intention of doing a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. Of the extended editions. So, I don’t plan on moving much (which I feel is valid, as on Thursday I have to move to Penglais Farm).
  5. Visiting home – Now I haven’t done this one 😦 I am going to be visiting Alex’s parents this weekend, but it won’t be quite the same. Although, I’m not sure that even if I did visit, I’d be able to persuade Mum and Dad to wait on me hand and foot… I shall have to see if they do that at Easter!
  6. Baking – I haven’t been able to do this in ages. Before Christmas, I made cornflake cakes but they don’t really count! It’ll be lovely to be able to bake again in a couple of weeks.
  7. Going for a walk – I think this depends on location and weather! I wouldn’t find going for a walk around Newhall relaxing, and neither would I find one when it’s chucking it down with rain.
  8. Tidying – I find this relaxing anyway! To an extent. If my room is messy at uni, it really annoys me so having it tidy helps me relax. Thankfully, I don’t let my room get that messy. The kitchen, however… I’m sure the reward of having a clean kitchen would be worth it, but when it’s not my mess, I feel less inclined to clean it up!
  9. Listening to music – Nice, peaceful music. Not horrible rap music, or heavy metal. To relax, I actually have to listen to classical music (or, if Alex reads this, music from these eras: renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, twentieth-century).
  10. Visiting places – I don’t mean going on holiday abroad, or even in this country. Although they can be relaxing too. I often find that I just need to get out of the house to relax, and if I don’t want to go for a walk, visiting places can be a good way to relax, and give your mind space to breathe. Admittedly, in Aber, going for day trips to places can be a little difficult, but if you live in a place with easy connections to places, I recommend it!

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