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Busy Busy

I’ve been extremely busy the past few days, hence why there wasn’t a Top Ten Tuesday post this week (I’ll make it up by doing two posts next week!), and why I haven’t posted since last Tuesday.

Last Thursday saw the move into the new accommodation at Aberystwyth, Fferm Penglais, and this came with several complications in itself. Rather than agree to use the removal companies that Balfour Beatty were offering (the emails hadn’t been very clear, and I’d interpreted them that the boxes would be moved from one communal area to another, and that they wouldn’t be particularly useful), I’d spoken to a friend of a friend and they’d agreed the use of their van. This, however, fell through the morning of the move, and therefore, Alex and I had to slowly start moving across all of my things by hand. The distance between Cwrt Mawr and Fferm Penglais had never seem so far! Carrying heavy items and wheeling suitcases made the journey take so much longer, and I began to regret how much stuff I own!

My friend ZoΓ« came to the rescue. Owning a car, and having moved the majority of her things across the previous day, she helped me to move the really heavy and/or awkward things across. After 4 hours of moving, all my things were finally in my new room.

My room in Fferm Penglais, prior to all my stuff being moved!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t even able to unpack, as Alex and I had a bus to catch that afternoon that would take us to Rhuthun so we could spend the weekend visiting his parents. Rhuthun is a town in Denbighshire, in North Wales, and it was nice to have a chance to relax and get away from Aberystwyth for a few days.

Since having arrived back in Aber on Sunday, I’ve spent the grand total of 3 nights in my new room. Whilst Monday was spent unpacking the majority of my things, and finding places to put items, Tuesday afternoon my lectures began and then I was off to my home in Derbyshire.

Normally, I wouldn’t pop home for a night, and especially not mid-week, but I had a Graduate Assessment Centre for Atkins in Birmingham yesterday, so I had to be in the vicinity for it. There was no way I was travelling to Birmingham from Aber yesterday morning! I’d have had to catch the half 5 train!

I really enjoyed the Assessment Centre, and it was a learning curve for me. I won’t go into too much detail, but I found the exercises we had to do interesting, and everyone was so friendly! Atkins seems like a really good company to work for, and they really seem to care about their employees.

After a busy day yesterday, I made it back to Aberystwyth for half 9. However, I don’t think I’m going to be any less busy over the next few weeks! My dissertation is due in on the 27th February, so I’ll be doing lots of work on that, as well as having to do other assignments and carrying on my extra-curricular activities. My parents visit next weekend, and I plan on making sure I have some time to relax so I don’t get completely overwhelmed and buried in all the things I have to do! I shall also try to continue blogging fairly frequently, and we’ll see how that goes!


6 thoughts on “Busy Busy

    1. Extremely busy! I look forward to Saturday when Alex and I are going to see Paddington Bear as it’ll actually be the first day I’m not unpacking, having lectures, or doing dissertation work!

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