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Top Ten Tuesday #4: Places I Want To Visit In Birmingham

So, this is the first of two Top Ten lists I’m going to publish today! Living in South Derbyshire, I am actually not very far away from Birmingham (it’s about 30-45 minutes on the train, depending on which one you catch), and although I used to go fairly frequently as a teenager, I haven’t explored Birmingham in the same way I have with London. These places are either within the city centre of Birmingham itself, or slightly further out – but still classed as Birmingham.

  1. National Sea Life Centre – It’s a Sea Life Centre, surely that says it all?
  2. Birmingham Christmas Market – I love the German market! Obviously, it’s only around at Christmas time, but it’s one of the only times I don’t really mind the hustle and bustle of a city. It smells lovely, and there’s opportunity to pick up some more unusual gifts for friends and family!
  3. Mosely Bog – For all you Tolkien fans out there, this is the area which was the childhood playground for J.R.R Tolkien, and the site which inspired the ‘old forest’ in his books. I’ve never been here, but I’m curious to see what the area is like. As it’s slightly south of Birmingham’s city centre though, it’s slightly more difficult for me to get to.
  4. Birmingham Back to Back Houses – These are houses which have been preserved (I think they’re National Trust properties) from when Birmingham was in its height of the Industrial Revolution. I think it’d be really interesting to see how the working class lived then, and the history of it really appeals to me.
  5. Thinktank Science Museum – I can remember going here for trips at primary school, and I’d like to revisit it as an adult. It’d be nice to refresh my memory of the things I saw, as I can’t remember a lot of details. Plus, it used to get really really busy as it had just opened.
  6. Birmingham Canals – This is a fairly easy one to do as the network of canals totals over 100km. Even if it’s just a walk by them, it’s still something that I want to do, as when I was a child, they were often just something I saw whilst on my way elsewhere.
  7. The Library of Birmingham – I haveb’t simply chosen this one just because it’s a library. I mean, any library in my opinion is brilliant, but I’m not saying go and sign up. This library I’d like to visit because it has lots of different aspects, plus they’re promoting sustainability and cutting carbon emissions. And there are rooftop gardens apparently. I feel the need to visit just to see how accurate that is.
  8. The Railway Pub – Personally, when I visit Birmingham in future and need to find somewhere to eat, this is the place. My dad and I visited last Wednesday, and I was surprised that the food filled me up. I’d been expecting portions similar to those of Wetherspoons – espeically as the prices were practically the same – but I struggled to finish mine! Plus, although I didn’t get to have a dessert, some of them looked simply divine! If anyone wants to visit, it’s very close to New Street Station on Hill Street.
  9. Birmingham Hippodrome – I used to come here as a child for pantomimes, and I’ve also seen Starlight Express, Wicked and The Nutcracker. So it’s not the West End or Broadway, but the Hippodrome still has a range of different productions that you can go and see. As it’s so close, I’d love to be able to go more frequently and see more shows, so it’s definitely somewhere I want to visit again.
  10. The Bullring – Only when I have money. Otherwise, I’ll just wander round the shops wanting things but not being able to have them.

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