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Top Ten Tuesday #5: Animated Disney Films

So, here is the second Top Ten Tuesday list of the day – to make up for missing the post last week. I figured I should limit it to the films that are mostly cartoons/animated rather than ones which include live action. Otherwise, I have to think about the Disney Channel movies that I like to watch too.

  1. The Little Mermaid – This has always been my favourite Disney film. Sebastian is just the greatest. And well, Prince Eric is my favourite Disney prince. Plus, it made me want to be a mermaid when I grew up. Admittedly, I’m still trying to achieve that one, but I used to have great times at swimming lessons pretending I was one.Little-Mermaid-disney-4613128-1280-720
  2. The Lion King – This is a sad film. And yes I do cry when *character* dies (I don’t want to spoil it for any of those people who may not have watched it). But the story is based on Hamlet (so now I don’t have to read that), and the songs are great!simba_rafiki
  3. Hercules – Go The Distance. That song is just brilliant. Also, Meg isn’t the stereotypical Disney female who wants to fall in love. It just so happens that she does.disney_hercules_pic33
  4. Frozen – Although I think the hype around Frozen has meant the film is somewhat overrated, I do still really love watching it. Plus, Olaf. And Sven. Do you want to build a snowman?scale
  5. Finding Nemo – P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Nemo is just a great film. I was disappointed to find out though that my Australian friend was not very good at saying ‘Fish are friends, not food’. Apparently, the accent Bruce has is a stereotypical inland accent. Inland! For a shark!Screen-Shot-2013-04-29-at-18.43.31
  6. Beauty and the Beast – A princess that loves to read. I can associate with that. Although I’m not a princess. I often felt that I could relate to Belle when growing up, and I was much more interested in reading than whatever else was going on in the world around me. beauty_and_the_beast_belle
  7. Bambi – Who doesn’t love Bambi? Surely everyone feels a little bit twitterpated when they watch it. Another film that makes me a little sad though.bambi-460_1008262c
  8. Bolt – I can remember going to see this film with my Nan and my brother when we were visiting my grandparents in London. Admittedly, Miley Cyrus’s voice does annoy me a little bit, but it’s such a great film! I’ll admit I think that it takes Bolt an incredibly long time to figure out he isn’t who he thought he was, but Rhino (a hamster) is just the best part of the film!Rhino_Excited
  9. Lilo & Stitch – Stitch is just the sweetest! Even if that isn’t exactly how the producers want me to view him. It’s not the stereotypical Disney princess film, which although I love, can get fairly repetitive. lilo2_L
  10. Brother Bear – Just, a singing cub. I think that covers it. wall09

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