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Top Ten Tuesday #8: Films That Make Me Cry…

… But That I Love Watching Anyway.

These films aren’t in any particular order. Although Titanic is my favourite film, the others were just as I thought of them. I’d recommend all these films, however, if you’re not good with sad films, then maybe you shouldn’t watch them… I personally think though that if a film makes me cry, it must have been brilliantly done.

  1. Titanic (1997) – My absolute favourite film. I have no idea why when it makes me bawl my eyes out. But it’s a film that I will continue to watch over and over again. I used to watch it every holiday, and I’d get annoyed if my brothers tried to ruin it for me.
  2. War Horse (2011) – I try not to cry at this film. I really do. But because you get to know Albert and Joey so well, it’s really quite difficult not to cry. It is an amazing film though, and I love watching it.
  3. Black Beauty (1994) – Just, poor Black Beauty. He really did suffer a bit. Although I cry and the end, which isn’t actually the sad bit?
  4. The Notebook (2004) – Such a great love story. Why wouldn’t you want to watch this film over and over again?
  5. Les Miserables (2012) – I like singing along. Although towards the end, I usually struggle. Actually, I cry at quite a lot of it. When I saw it at the cinema, I was crying before the events happened, because I’d read the book and knew what happened.
  6. Life is Beautiful (1997) – This film is beautiful and so moving. I’ve technically only seen this once, but I’d love to watch it again as it really captivated me.
  7. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008) – Bruno is a dear. And Shmuel. I had read the book for this too, so I knew what was going to happen but it didn’t make it any easier. But it’s such a heartfelt story, and it shows the German side during the Second World War.
  8. Marley & Me (2008) – This is just sad. But with the sad times, there were good times too.
  9. P.S. I Love You (2007) – Gerard Butler. Oh, and Irish accents. Enough said.
  10. Atonement (2007) – Another film set in WW2. I seem to like these ones. Atonement is just… I don’t really know how to put it. It’s a great film though even if it makes me cry.

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