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So I guess it is strange to be writing a blog post about a sweet. Especially as I’m usually a chocolate person (although, I think starbursts and skittles are my favourite sweets). Some people will have already heard this story, but I figured I’d let the world know another part of my life…

I have had an amazing, yet pretty crazy, weekend. Saturday morning started off like any other –Β going to the National Library to do some work on my assignments (and Alex was going to do some revision). It was a glorious day, and on our way, Alex suggested that we went on a walk that afternoon. This is also pretty normal, we do go on walks when the weather is nice.

The view over Aberystwyth! (Photo courtesy of Alex)

We finished in the library about 3 and we dropped our laptops of at mine. At this point, my mum emailed me back with edits to some competency questions for a job application, at which point I wanted to look over them and then submit the form. Alex was getting a bit agitated, but I stood my ground and finished what I was doing.

Our walk took us to Penglais Woods. It’s lovely there, and we quite often go. At this time of year, there are lots of bluebells and they look so pretty! I love taking pictures in the woods and at the viewpoint that overlooks Aberystwyth (see some pictures here).

This is now the point of the story where starbursts come in. I don’t know if anyone else ever plays ‘Guess the Flavour’ but Alex and I do. I personally think Starbursts are quite easy to guess (easier than Skittles anyway!) We’d had a couple on our walk to the viewpoint, and whilst we were taking photos I wanted Alex to guess the flavour (he was rubbish – I gave him a red one and he went through every colour before he got it right!) A few more pictures later, and I felt it was my turn.

So, I’m standing there, eyes closed, trying to figure out why it’s taking Alex so long to unwrap a Starburst and give it to me to eat. Finally, I eat it (it was green by the way – my favourite!) and he tells me I can open my eyes. And there he is, down on one knee, with a ring. I was in shock (although, it does now explain why he took forever to give me a Starburst) but it gave me such a lovely feeling. We were in one of the places we often went to, overlooking the town where we met, on a simply gorgeous day, and my amazing boyfriend was proposing to me! What went from a pretty normal day, suddenly became the best day of my life (so far!)

My ring!

Phone calls to relatives then proceeded and I was on cloud 9 (I actually misheard my Nan when I told her Alex had proposed. Instead of ‘Are you accepting?’, I heard ‘Are you expecting?’ I was a tad horrified at that!) Mum and Dad had already known it was going to happen but they were still ecstatic.

Yes, I took a selfie of us when Alex was on the phone to his parents. I’m just that cool πŸ˜‰

Plans are still up in the air at the moment. We need to focus on finishing university and try and figure out what is going happen in regards to jobs. We know that we’ll get married next year, but we’re not sure when. But that’s the story of our engagement. People kept asking, and trying to explain the whole starburst aspect was getting rather repetitive. I personally think what Alex did was rather sweet (and yes, I did intend for that pun!)

Sort of soppy picture πŸ˜›

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