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Dear Kieran…

Things have changed so much since you were alive. I’m about to finish my final year at Aberystwyth University, and I’ll be graduating in the summer. It seems so surreal, that soon I’ll be going out into the big wide world. When you were here, I’d just finished my first year of uni! You’d be finishing your second year at college too! It makes me feel old, especially at work when I’m seeing all these people younger than you start work! They shouldn’t be old enough, but they are! I have no idea what I want to do, but I applied to Teach First. So I could end up being a teacher, just like you wanted to be. I shall see what happens though. Aidan works for Transport for London, and he got to drive a tube! You’d have been jealous, you two always wanted to pretend to drive the DLR.

There’s Alex, of course. I met him at the start of my second year, so that means you never got to meet him. I think you’d like him. He’s funny and lovely and he makes me smile. Plus, he’s always there for me. He very recently proposed (I said yes!) so there’s two weddings next year in our family. (Aidan and Beth are also engaged). I got a bit sad the other day realising that you wouldn’t see me get married. It’ll be strange not having you at my wedding, I’m sure you’d have been an usher or something, and you’d have been wonderful with Natalie and Ben. You’d have approved of the way that Alex proposed too, just because there was food (well, sweets) involved. You two are very similar in that sense – you can just eat and eat and eat!

We’re all going to France this year. Mum, Dad, Alex, Beth, Aidan, Nan and me. It won’t be the same as all our family holidays, but it’s not supposed to be. We’re staying in a gite in Beauville, but we’re going to visit Messanges. It’ll help Aidan and Nan get a better understanding of what happened that horrible day. I’m just glad Alex will be there with me because I don’t know how strong I’ll be going back. I’m sure we’ll do things on holiday that you’d approve of. I’m persuading Dad to take us to Carcassonne, and I think you’d have approved of the city walls. I think it looks a bit like Hogwarts in this picture!

Carcassonne, France

It’s almost been 21 months since that day, and although I’m getting on with life, some days are more difficult than others. I think it depends on what happens and the things I see. Plus, I can’t text you and check on my little brother, or even just send you random things to do with Harry Potter. They’re making a film ofΒ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemΒ so whilst it won’t be focused around Harry, Ron and Hermione, I think it’ll be a pretty good film. Mum and I went to visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour too, and we had some butterbeer! You’d have definitely enjoyed doing that!

There’s probably been a ton of other things happening, but I guess so much goes on, I can’t remember everything. You probably know anyway. I just want to let you know that I miss you, even if most of the time I refuse to show any emotion.

Love you lots,



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