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Top Ten Tuesday #11: Things I Keep Forgetting About For The Wedding

These lists aren’t really Top Ten things anymore. But they are always 10 things, and I plan on sticking to that. I shall probably call them Top Ten Tuesday still, as you never know, I might do a list that actually orders things. Most of the time, it’s just 10 things in any order… but I suppose they are still my Top 10 as I have actually thought of them.

Anyway, on with the list:

  1. First Dance Song – I had completely forgotten this until I was in band last week. I knew that Alex and I would have to think about hymns and the processional/recessional music but I doubt we’d have remembered the First Dance song.
  2. Wedding Favours – Neither Alex or I had even remembered these were a thing (well, I actually kept seeing it mentioned, but didn’t have a clue what they were). Apparently, they’re a thing. I don’t really get why, I mean, we’ve just fed our guests but I suppose that’s wedding etiquette for you!
  3. A Wedding Theme – I know it’s not essential to have a wedding theme, and I don’t think the actual ceremony will be themed (just you know, a nice colour scheme), but I hadn’t even thought about the reception. My brother’s fiancée, Beth (her blog is here) mentioned it when on the phone to me. Probably a good thing too!
  4. Shoes and Jewellery – I keep forgetting that it’s not just a dress and veil I need to get. I need to think about what jewellery I will want to wear, and find a pair of shoes that are comfortable but still look pretty!
  5. Drinks for Guests – I sort of remembered about this. I knew that there would need to be a glass of champagne for guests to toast us, but didn’t think about anything else. Mum and Dad though remembered, and have looked at welcome drinks and bottles of wine for guests at the reception! Thank you parents!
  6. Guest Book – This one keeps coming and going. When I’ve been on Pinterest, I’ve seen some lovely ideas, but then when I actually come to write lists of things that I will need to get for the reeption, I keep forgetting the guest book!
  7. Wedding Gift List – Yeah, I’m sure that Alex and I will forget about this until the last minute. We’ll know that we need to do one, and we’ll probably have thought about things we’d like, but we probably won’t have got it out to people (or online, or however it is done now!)
  8. Finding Somewhere To Live – Not technically to do with the wedding ceremony or reception, but Alex and I will have to look for somewhere to live for afterwards. Which is a scary prospect!
  9. Wedding Bouquets – Alex and I are quite lucky that we don’t need to think about the flowers needed to decorate the church as that will already be decorated. But, I do need to think about the flowers for the bouquets and buttonholes, and possibly the wedding reception. Lots of flowers.
  10. Coming up with a new signature – Alex doesn’t have to worry about this! I briefly attempted to come up with a new one, but Alex has a stupid surname with no gs or ys. Which means I can’t do any loops like I would with my surname. I just have to remember to keep thinking about it, otherwise when I finally have to change my name at banks etc., I won’t have a lovely signature all prepared!

So, there we have it! Hopefully this blog post will now serve as a reminder for me to do all of these things!


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