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[Photos] Mustard Yellow Engagement Shoot

On the 1st June, our wedding photographers Naomi and Malcolm Henderson came over to Aberystwyth for our engagement shoot! It was so lovely to get to meet them, and despite the cold and the wind, we had a great time! Here are some of the photos that they took of Alex and I (click here for their webpage, here for their facebook page and you can follow their instagram and twitter @nomandmalc).

01 Tara & Alex Engaged
This was the point I discovered Alex had marmite on his face…
06 Tara & Alex Engaged
Kicking the bar… an Aber tradition
37 Tara & Alex Engaged
Attempted many shots for these, as the arch was a wind tunnel! My hair was just blowing everywhere!
42 Tara & Alex Engaged
We just can’t resist pulling silly faces!
58 Tara & Alex Engaged
An actual shot of the ring!
61 Tara & Alex Engaged
Where he proposed!!

09 Tara & Alex Engaged 14 Tara & Alex Engaged 18 Tara & Alex Engaged BW 30 Tara & Alex Engaged 33 Tara & Alex Engaged 41 Tara & Alex Engaged BW43 Tara & Alex Engaged44 Tara & Alex Engaged 50 Tara & Alex Engaged 58 Tara & Alex Engaged BW 60 Tara & Alex Engaged 62 Tara & Alex Engaged

I cannot wait until the wedding and seeing all the photos that will be taken of our big day! Thank you Nom and Malc, (and if anyone needs a wedding photographer, I cannot recommend them enough!)


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