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Top Ten Tuesday #12: Things I’ll Miss About Aber

Last Tuesday I left Aberystwyth. For good. (Unless I go back as a proper adult). And although it’s still slowly sinking in that I’ve finished my degree, there are several things about Aber that I am going to miss.


  1. The Aber Bubble – Everyone who has been a student in Aber will know what I mean by this. Aber just appears to be isolated from the rest of the world (unless you have a car) and, so, it can often seem like you’re in a bubble. Plus, whenever I go into the town centre, I usually see at least 5 people I know – and that’s usually just on the walk down the hill!
  2. Penglais Hill – Not something I’d expect to miss, but after having walked up and down it for three years, it’s become a part of my life! I obviously enjoy the walk down it more, but it was a good way of staying active without having to participate in any sports!
  3. St. Mike’s – This is the church that I went to whilst I was a student. I may have only started going in second year, but I have met so many people and I really feel like part of the St. Mike’s family. Everyone is so friendly, and it’s great to get to know people that aren’t students!DSCF8359
  4. Christian Union Meetings – Pretty much every Friday that I’ve been in Aberystwyth (since second year) has consisted of going to the Christian Union meetings. Not only do you get to hear some great speakers, preaching God’s message, but it’s just a great way to get to know people. I’ll always have a soft spot for C.U. as I did meet my husband-to-be at a C.U. meeting!
  5. The sea – Despite winter often meaning storms, the sea in Aberystwyth always looks impressive! I’m going to miss living within a couple of miles of the sea (apparently from where I was living this past year, to the pier is around 1.5 miles). In summer it’s lovely to just be able to go the beach and have bonfires and just be close to the sea. Especially as I’m now back in the Midlands and possibly as far away as possible from the sea.DSCF8311
  6. Sunsets – Being on the west coast of Britain means that you get amazing sunsets. They’re brilliant. Sure, sometimes there are ones that aren’t as good as others, but when you’re a student in Aber you will have at least taken one photo (if not dozens) of a sunset.20150529_210734
  7. University – So, some of the buildings looked horrendous (Llandinam and Hugh Owen, I’m looking at you) but I will miss being at university. Although I had between 10 and 14 hours a week in my first and second year, I only had 6 hours a week this last year and I’ve got used to having loads of time free. Plus, I have fun in lectures, whether it was making animals and snowmen out of blu-tack or speaking in a French accent.
  8. My room – All three years I’ve been in university accommodation. And all three years, my room has been bigger than the one I have at home. I miss having the space to put all my things where I want them to, as I have now realised that I have a lot of stuff (particularly books. I’m having to pack some into boxes because I don’t have enough room on my shelves).
  9. The views – Whether you’re at the top of Penglais Hill looking over the town, or in the town looking up at Consti (Constitution Hill) or Pen Dinas, the views in Aber are pretty amazing. DSCF8334
  10. The people – If you go to university in Aber, you get to make some pretty amazing friends. I’m definitely going to miss the majority of people, and I definitely hope that I’ll be able to visit people (and Aber) this next year! (You’ve all been pre-warned!)

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