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Wedding Wednesday #1

I’m getting so excited about getting married. To me, the most important thing is that I’ll be marrying the man I love (apologies for the soppyness) but I am looking forward to the whole day! I hate being the centre of attention usually, but I’m having so much fun planning (at the moment, the stress hasn’t hit me yet!) that I really want to make sure I enjoy the day too. Despite everyone looking at me (I just hope I don’t fall over whilst walking down the aisle!)

The past week has had some progress in regards to wedding planning. Whilst Alex was revising, and when I was in Aberystwyth, nothing much could happen but now that uni has finished, it means that things can slowly progress! Last week we officially confirmed our wedding venue! We were finally able to go and look round (we’d been oncebefore, but that was before we were engaged so we didn’t look at it as a possible reception venue) and decided that it would be lovely for our venue! Hopefully, the weather will be as nice as it was last week, which will make it so amazing!

Yesterday and Monday, I had two appointments with florists. Our local florist had been really off about it (apparently they were too busy, and then it wouldn’t be worth it) but I guess I can understand as Alex and I are getting married on a bank holiday! The two florists I have met both work from home, and are both really lovely! I will just have to make a decision between the two. Thinking about the bridal bouquet is making me really excited because I want it to be just perfect!

I’m encouraging Alex to look at possibilites for suits as I’d rather they get sorted sooner rather than later! It can never hurt to be too prepared – plus, I have no idea about the time needed for suits. Seeing as my dress will take 15-20 weeks before I can even have all the adjustments made, I don’t want Alex and everyone else to be left suitless when it comes to the big day!

We’re looking into cars at the moment, and next week when we get back from Swansea, we’re going to see a car that we really like. Hopefully, it’ll be just as lovely in reality and we can book it!

I think that seeing our engagement photos yesterday has made me excited too, as Mustard Yellow Photography do a really good job! You can see some of the photos here! I don’t know how regularly these updates will be, but I’m sure I’ll have some more things to mention about it at some point!


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