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Top Ten Tuesday #13: Favourite TV Series

This post came to me this morning, whilst I was tweeting away about TV shows and how I am such a teenager when it comes to the programmes that I watch. Not just in the things I choose to watch, but I get so caught up in them, I feel like I’m 14 again. Like, I root for certain couples to get together. I cried yesterday when I was watching a series, and my favoruite couple broke up. I won’t say which series (or which couple).

  1. One Tree Hill – Possibly my first love in regards to TV series. I started watching this in either Season 5 or 6, and I then proceeded to buy all the previous box sets to watch. (This was when I was like 14). Admittedly, I still haven’t watched all 9 seasons 😦
  2. Pretty Little Liars – Love it, but I hate watching it at night. Some of the episodes creep me out, and I really don’t like those creepy doll things.
  3. Gossip Girl – Chace Crawford. Plus, it’s fun to watch how the elite live. It doesn’t seem that different to the normal people, only the option of having a plotline where a character becomes broke has more of a detrimental effect.
  4. Awkward – This is a new one to me. I started watching it on Sunday, as I was waiting for my Pretty Little Liars boxset to turn up, and I’ve watched the three seasons available to me on Amazon Prime.
  5. Hart of Dixie – I need to do some serious catching up with this. I think I’ve only watched Season 1 and 2. All I know is, at that point I was Team George, but it may change as time goes on. Whereas most people seem to fall for the bad guy, I tend to fall for the good guy.
  6. Once Upon A Time – It’s based on fairytales. What isn’t to love?
  7. 90210 – Similar to Gossip Girl, only set in Beverley Hills not New York. So more boys surfing.
  8. The Vampire Diaries – Although I haven’t watched all of these either, (this seems to be a trend as I have so many TV shows on the go!) it was just something slightly different to the others. As in, there were vampires. I probably started watching this when I was still Twilight-crazy, but oh well!
  9. Tru Calling – I don’t think I’ve even watched a full season of this. It’s different to my usual sort of programme but I still really enjoy it. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something slightly different to all of the other TV series. For a start, this one isn’t set in high school (I know Once Upon A Time isn’t either).
  10. Waterloo Road – Yes, I’ve watched all 10 series. And I was gutted that it finished. It sort of made me relive my childhood of watching Grange Hill.

What are your favourite TV shows? 🙂


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