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[Photos] La France

20th June -4th July I was enjoying myself (with Alex and my family) in sunny France! The weather was glorious, and it was lovely being able to explore a part of France that I haven’t been to before! So here are some of the pictures from my trip! (All taken on my camera/phone but not necessarily by me as Alex frequently used my camera).

This is the view of the gite from the bottom of the garden where we we staying! It was lovely, although as the temperatures reached 38 degrees outside, even the ‘cool’ of the house wasn’t that cool! The thermometer read 30 degrees!
This is Chateau de Bonaguil! An actual chateau that is like an English (British) castle! Some of it was ruined, but it was really interesting. Plus, in a café afterwards I had the loveliest vanilla milkshake thing (milk with a vanilla syrup) ever. It was so sweet! It was like a vanilla Petits Filous yoghurt in drink form!
In previous years, the sunflowers have been in full bloom the whole time we’ve been in France. However, as we went in June rather than July, the fields weren’t quite as impressive. Still, they were much better than the sunfowers in the UK!
This is L’Uvarium in Moissac. I’m not entirely sure what it’s for or why it was built, but in the summer months there is a restaurant outside. We went here for a meal with some of the people we met at a church in Valence d’Agen. They were so lovely, and made us feel really welcome!
My favourite house in Beauville (this wasn’t where we were staying!) I just thought it was the epitome of a stereotypical, rural French house! Whoever owns this house, you should be extremely happy that you have such a lovely house!
The covered market square in Pujols. This village is said to be one of the prettiest in France and I have to agree! This was pretty much the only shade so we made sure to eat our lunch underneath!
This house is also in Pujols. Not only is Pujols one of the most beautiful villages, it is a former bastide (fortified hill town). I love how a lot of the French have such beautiful flowers outside their houses (as they don’t have front gardens). It makes walking down a street so much more interesting!
Carcassonne! I have wanted to go here ever since I read/watched the TV series of Labyrinth (the book is by Kate Mosse – check it out!) I’m so glad that I have finally been! It was so hot, I am grateful that we were visiting before the peak of tourist season. Alex and I walked round the as much of the walls as possible, and we found the place where the iconic photos are taken from!
Beautiful sunset overlooking a lake! Unfortunately most of it is in shadow, but it was so beautiful in Beauville!
Photo from the plane! I love flying and seeing all of the land below looking like a model village! Especially as you can see how the landscape changes (although, travelling through a country by car demonstrates this so much better!)
The church we went to in Dondas. It’s such a beautiful building!

And just some more pictures…

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