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[Photos] La France

20th June -4th July I was enjoying myself (with Alex and my family) in sunny France! The weather was glorious, and it was lovely being able to explore a part of France that I haven’t been to before! So here are some of the pictures from my trip! (All taken on my camera/phone but not necessarily by me as Alex frequently used my camera).

This is the view of the gite from the bottom of the garden where we we staying! It was lovely, although as the temperatures reached 38 degrees outside, even the ‘cool’ of the house wasn’t that cool! The thermometer read 30 degrees!
This is Chateau de Bonaguil! An actual chateau that is like an English (British) castle! Some of it was ruined, but it was really interesting. Plus, in a café afterwards I had the loveliest vanilla milkshake thing (milk with a vanilla syrup) ever. It was so sweet! It was like a vanilla Petits Filous yoghurt in drink form!
In previous years, the sunflowers have been in full bloom the whole time we’ve been in France. However, as we went in June rather than July, the fields weren’t quite as impressive. Still, they were much better than the sunfowers in the UK!
This is L’Uvarium in Moissac. I’m not entirely sure what it’s for or why it was built, but in the summer months there is a restaurant outside. We went here for a meal with some of the people we met at a church in Valence d’Agen. They were so lovely, and made us feel really welcome!
My favourite house in Beauville (this wasn’t where we were staying!) I just thought it was the epitome of a stereotypical, rural French house! Whoever owns this house, you should be extremely happy that you have such a lovely house!
The covered market square in Pujols. This village is said to be one of the prettiest in France and I have to agree! This was pretty much the only shade so we made sure to eat our lunch underneath!
This house is also in Pujols. Not only is Pujols one of the most beautiful villages, it is a former bastide (fortified hill town). I love how a lot of the French have such beautiful flowers outside their houses (as they don’t have front gardens). It makes walking down a street so much more interesting!
Carcassonne! I have wanted to go here ever since I read/watched the TV series of Labyrinth (the book is by Kate Mosse – check it out!) I’m so glad that I have finally been! It was so hot, I am grateful that we were visiting before the peak of tourist season. Alex and I walked round the as much of the walls as possible, and we found the place where the iconic photos are taken from!
Beautiful sunset overlooking a lake! Unfortunately most of it is in shadow, but it was so beautiful in Beauville!
Photo from the plane! I love flying and seeing all of the land below looking like a model village! Especially as you can see how the landscape changes (although, travelling through a country by car demonstrates this so much better!)
The church we went to in Dondas. It’s such a beautiful building!

And just some more pictures…

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[Photos] Mustard Yellow Engagement Shoot

On the 1st June, our wedding photographers Naomi and Malcolm Henderson came over to Aberystwyth for our engagement shoot! It was so lovely to get to meet them, and despite the cold and the wind, we had a great time! Here are some of the photos that they took of Alex and I (click here for their webpage, here for their facebook page and you can follow their instagram and twitter @nomandmalc).

01 Tara & Alex Engaged
This was the point I discovered Alex had marmite on his face…
06 Tara & Alex Engaged
Kicking the bar… an Aber tradition
37 Tara & Alex Engaged
Attempted many shots for these, as the arch was a wind tunnel! My hair was just blowing everywhere!
42 Tara & Alex Engaged
We just can’t resist pulling silly faces!
58 Tara & Alex Engaged
An actual shot of the ring!
61 Tara & Alex Engaged
Where he proposed!!

09 Tara & Alex Engaged 14 Tara & Alex Engaged 18 Tara & Alex Engaged BW 30 Tara & Alex Engaged 33 Tara & Alex Engaged 41 Tara & Alex Engaged BW43 Tara & Alex Engaged44 Tara & Alex Engaged 50 Tara & Alex Engaged 58 Tara & Alex Engaged BW 60 Tara & Alex Engaged 62 Tara & Alex Engaged

I cannot wait until the wedding and seeing all the photos that will be taken of our big day! Thank you Nom and Malc, (and if anyone needs a wedding photographer, I cannot recommend them enough!)

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[Photos] Penglais Wood Viewpoint

Because y’know, it was a nice day and I actually thought we had gone on this walk to take photos of Aberystwyth…

DSCF8274Aber looking as lovely as ever!

Not sure he realised I was taking this picture… At this point I still had no clue!


The sea is so blue!! It almost looks inviting enough to jump in, but I know that it would be still very cold!

I like taking pictures of the sea. And I think it’s pretty the way the sun reflects on it

DSCF8294I am by no means artistic (at all!) but I am pleased with this picture! Especially as I took it, with my sunglasses on, and had no idea how it’d turn out! The blurring of Aber wasn’t even deliberate.

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Not just a chocolate spread jar…


I finally got round to doing this! I got the idea from bluchickenninja, and it’s a To-Be-Read jar. I have finished writing the name of every book I’ve got on my kindle, plus the books I’ve got with me at uni, that I haven’t read yet and put them all in this jar. I don’t think I’ll read all of these books any time soon but it’ll help me to read some of the books I downloaded/bought ages ago and never got round to reading!

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Top Ten Tuesday #7: Couples In Fiction

I got this idea from Sparklingbooks. And okay, so Valentine’s Day was over a week ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t choose my favourite book couples. I’ll try and limit the number of Meg Cabot ones. There may be some spoilers…

  1. Mia Thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz – The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot I love the Princess Diaries and they’ve definitely been mentioned in a few of my blog posts. And I love Mia and Michael. I think they’ll always be my favourite book couple!
  2. Susannah Simon and Jesse de Silva – The Mediator series by Meg Cabot I think series couples are the best. You really get to know the characters and the relationship between them, and Suze and Jesse definitely deserved to be happy in the end.
  3. Emma Woodhouse and Mr Knightley – Emma by Jane Austen I finally read this book, and I really do love Emma and Mr Knightley. I think the film Clueless helps as I kind of picture them like that, but Mr Knightley is never mean or aloof like Mr Darcy (or what I’ve heard of him). He might disagree occasionally with Emma but that’s what makes couples work usually.
  4. Lily Potter (née Evans) and James Potter – Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling So this couple isn’t mentioned loads throughout the series, but how can anyone not love Lily and James? Unless you ship Lily and Snape (ugh, I feel sorry for Snape and all, but no. Just no.) Sure, James was an idiot to start with but I really think he cared for Lily, he just went about it the wrong way. And without them, we wouldn’t have Harry who saved the Wizarding World.
  5. Fleur Weasley (née Delacour) and Bill Weasley – Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling Fleur really impresses me. By choosing to stay with Bill despite his scars, it shows that she doesn’t just base people on appearance. She might actually have some depth to her. Way to go J.K. Rowling for portraying this, otherwise, we’d have all thought of Fleur as some pretty little airhead who somehow managed to get picked for the Triwizard Tournament.
  6. Clary Fray and Jace Herondale – The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare I definitely prefer their relationship in the first book before he kept changing identity. I know that wasn’t his fault, but it just kept getting complicated. Especially when he might have been her brother. It felt wrong to want them to be together, yet you still did.
  7. Sam Madison and David – All American Girl series by Meg Cabot Another Meg Cabot couple. Sam and David were just perfect together, and he was always nice to her, even when she was a bit of an idiot, pining after Jack. Stick with David! He might be a bit clueless sometimes (although Sam did misinterpret things) but he’s a good’un. And yes, I just used that term :/
  8. Kate Winters and Henry – The Goddess Test series by Aimée Carter I liked the first book, and then their relationship wasn’t quite as interesting. I think I like books where they’re still trying to get together. When they’re together, the tension kind of dissipates a bit because they’ve got each other. No more flirting, which is always fun to read. This applies to most books, not just this series.
  9. Tina Hakin-Baba and Boris Pelkowski – The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot Tina and Boris were just so sweet together!
  10. Wanda/Melanie and Ian/Jared – The Host by Stephenie Meyer I finished this book yesterday, and I wasn’t sure whether to add them. The book doesn’t really focus on the couple aspect, but I do think that the whole split personality (if that’s the best way to put it?) adds a certain dimension. I’m glad they all ended up with the people they wanted to be with. I was worried I’d end up crying at the end, but Stephenie Meyer resolved that for me. Wanda and Ian, Melanie and Jared – you are much better couples than Bella and Edward.

This was actually harder than I thought it would be. I thought I read more books with romance in, but obviously a lot of them don’t stick in my mind. Plus, I wanted to stick to canon couples and not just form my own (for example, I think that Katniss should be with Gale just because in the films, I think he’s more attractive or mention Rose and Scorpius, because their relationship isn’t really actually mentioned in Harry Potter). I’ve realise that most of my couples are from teenage books. This clearly says a lot about what books I’ve read the most and what impression they’ve made on me 😛

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Just to say…

As this is my first blog post of 2015 I won’t make it particularly long…


The start of every year is when people decide they’re going to change, whether it’s to lose weight or to try and be a better person. I’m not entirely sure why they have to wait until the 1st January to do this… If you want to change you should do it, not wait until a specific day (and then give up when you fail).

I used to make New Year’s resolutions and then be really annoyed at myself when I didn’t accomplish what I had aimed to do (my #1 resolution used to be to try and be nicer to my brothers… this usually lasted a morning at most). I don’t really bother anymore, I just try and achieve goals and targets that I make as I go along.

That’s what I intend to do this year. I’m now in my final few months at university and then I’ll be out into the big wide world. For now, I just want to focus on my assignments, exams and dissertation and then I’ll attempt to find time to do other things. I’ll set myself goals and targets to try and accomplish in regards to work and see how things go from there. There’s no point me trying to come up with unrealistic goals and resolutions that I’ll feel downhearted about when I don’t succeed.

So to everyone out there…  If you want to make resolutions for 2015 then that’s great, but just because you slip up occasionally doesn’t mean you should give up… just keep trying and things will get easier 🙂